Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A long overdue Update

As some of you know I was adminited to the hospital almost two weeks ago because I was leaking amiotic fluid. They kept me in for two days. I am doing much better, but it was definitely a scary experience for both Chris and I. As a result I was taken off of work and put on bedrest until the baby is born, which could be tomorrow or two weeks after my due date.

Things are going much better now, I have a nurse that comes in to see me everyday and monitor the baby! Since I have stopped leaking they are hoping that they can drop me down to 3 visits a week, which would be great! I will als need to go regularly for them to monitor the fluid around the baby and make sure there is an adequate supply. They did an u/s the day after we were admitted to the hospital and everything looked good so we are just hoping that our wee little man continues to grow, I have my sights set on 37 weeks (only 5 weeks to go).