Friday, July 31, 2009

34 Weeks

I am now 34 weeks, wow, on one hand time has flown by on the other hand it seems to be crawling by. Joshua was born at 37 weeks, so three weeks from now and when I think about it that way I get really overwhelmed and kinda scared.

My doctor took me off of work on July 17 due to my Carpal Tunnel not improving, I still have my good days with it and my bad days but at least I am not spending as much time on the computer, which really seems to irritate it. I miss work and the people I work with a lot, but I am definitely much more comfortable.

I had an appointment with my OB this week and during the appointment I mentioned that I had noticed a huge decrease in movement, after measuring the fundal height he knew why, baby girl has had a huge growth spurt and was simply running out of room, at 33 weeks 3 days she was measuring 36 weeks, that's a big baby! He also booked me in for another ultrasound and a non-stress test in two weeks. After that appointment I see him a week later and start my weekly appointments where they will be doing weekly internal exams to see if I am making any progress.

Moving around has become increasingly difficult, if I have been sitting for more than 5 minutes it takes me a good few minutes until I can stand up straight due pressure.

Nothing to exciting to report, just counting down the days at this point.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

31 Weeks Today

I had an ultrasound yesterday to see how our baby Girl is growing, the good news is she is growing really well, she is already almost 4 lbs and according to my books she should be just over 3, so she is thriving. The scary news is that she has a big head, YIKES. The tech was doing her measurements and I noticed she was measuring her head and I said "my son had a big head so I am sure she will too", the tech's response, "at first I thought it was a really big baby, but she just has a big head and an averaged size body". OMG! The tech noted that she has lots of hair and said that the radiologists first comment was "this baby has a lot of hair". Looks like she might have more hair than Joshua at this rate!
I started really nesting this week, spending a good couple of hours each night tidying the house, I seem almost incapable of sitting still for very long. The other night I "detailed" the stairs by taking a rubber cleaning brush and cleaning out the corners on each step and follow with a vaccuum cleaner. I was very sore the next day but the stairs looked great! Chris of course just sits back and smirks the entire. I didn't get to do this last time so to be honest I am kind of enjoying it!

I am growing increasingly uncomfortable and I was probably the only one in the city that appreciated the nearly entire week of rain that we just had because it kept the temperature in the mid teens for most of the week. I actually wore long sleeved tops most of the time. My Carpel Tunnel really isn't improving at all, I still have my good days and my bad days, unfortunately my worst days seem to be coming over the weekend.