Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Every morning I get Joshua up at 6:45 in order to drop him off at the dayhome. When I go into his room he is usually awake and when I go in his room I go "Good Morning Joshua" and usually I get a cheery "Hi Mommy". This morning this was not the case.

Me: "Good Morning Joshua"

J: ::Gives me weird smile and puts his head back down::

Me: "Are you ready to get up?"

J: "No" :: Rolls over to face the wall::

Me: "Are you still tired?"

J: "Yes"

Me: ::Shakes head and wonders what is going on::

Seriously, did he become a teenager over night?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

24 Weeks

Baby Update:

How far along? 24 Weeks

Total weight gain? About 15 lbs so far

Sleep: I am still going to be early, although I would like to be in bed earlier than 9:30, as long as I don't have to get up I am able to sleep just fine.

Movement: Baby is moving most of the time, lots of kicks and squirms.

Food craving: Not really!
What I miss: I would really love a nice glass of wine, but I have a few months before I can enjoy that.

Milestones: More constant stronger movements started this week.

How I'm feeling: I am feeling pretty on the whole, I did have some problems with my allergies last week which turned into a cold when he had a major temperature drop but I am feeling much better now. My lower back is starting to hurt a bit more than usual but it isn't anything too unbearable.

Friday, May 22, 2009

27 Months

Joshua is 27 Months old today!

I could probably stop counting months now but I will do it when I am good and ready.

Joshua is a wonderful little man and he makes us smile a daily basis. Chris and I both find ourselves slipping into is room at night and watching him sleep for a few minutes before we go to bed. For the most part Joshua sleeps wonderfully he will occassionally get up a once a night but for the most part he sleeps from 6:45 pm - 6:45 am, a bit later on the weekends. During the week he only has a short hour to hour and a half nap, but when he is at home he will generally sleep for two to three hours in the afternoon. It is great and I really hope that he will keep it up when the baby comes, I could certainly use a short nap, at least in the beginning.

Joshua plays with most of his toys on a fairly consistent basis, but by far his favourite is his cars and trucks. Lately he has been taking his large ride-on Tonka truck and race it back and forth across the living room. When he gets to the edge of the room, he goes "eerrch" as he turns the car around.

We are finally able to read Joshua books, for the longest time he had the patience to sit through one page of a book before he was off or squirming out of our laps. Now he will sit for five books straight and ask for more. He has his favourites that he is learning the words too and he says the last word on each page, one of his books "George and the Dragon" he knows so well and recites all of his favourite parts when we read it with him.

All in all the days are going by quickly, and we are trying to love every moment.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Really behind

I am really behind on blogging, by months, but I took some time today to post some old pictures of Joshua. I will try and ensure more regular updates in the future.


Joshua loves to play ball, him and Chris will spend a few minutes every night playing catch, which usually involves Chris throwing the ball at Joshua and him occassionaly catching it but more often that not he gets hit by the ball. Thankfully we use a really soft ball so no harm is done and Joshua laughs hystracially when he gets hit.

An artist in the making!

It's a good thing I am cute!

because I make messes all of the time and wreck lots of things, but a quick smile and mom/dad are usually over it!

A visit to the Mountains

We spent the New Year (yes I am that far behind) visiting some of Chris's relatives in McBride, BC. We had a great time and the weather was so wonderful that Joshua got to spend some time playing out side in the snow.

The Joy that can only come when yoiu have finished a gigantic puzzle of the world!