Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Easter

Our best wishes for a wonderful Easter!

Last week I was travelling to Toronto for work and I took Joshua along and my mom and sister came up for a visit. I was very happy that Joshua got to spend time with them. We returned on Wednesday night and I took Thursday off so I had a really nice long weekend to spend with my favourite little man!

On Sunday we went and spent Easter with some family, we took Joshua out to see the horses and the donkeys. It had been a long time since Joshua had last seen the animals and we all loved watching his reaction to them. We were offering carrots to the animals, although Joshua seemed more interested in trying to eat the carrots himself.

Full Time Daycare

I retunred back to work on February 25th, the transition went reasonably smoothly due to all the preparation we did in February. Starting at the beginning of February we started taking Joshua to his dayhome for a few hours a day. Chris then took a week off when I went back to work and continued taking Joshua to his day home. When it came time for both of us to return to work the transition was so smooth. It does help that Joshua loves his dayhome. What amazes me is how much better he sleeps during the day while he is there, a one hour nap in the morning and a three hour nap in the afternoon. I wish I could have gotten those kinds of naps when I was off with him.

A Smashing Good Time!

We celebrated Joshua's first birthday on February 24th with family and friends. Joshua seemed to have a wonderful time and received many wonderful gifts. I was happy that we were able to share the day with so many wonderful people.

Joshua did seem over whelmed by all of the people but quickly settled in.

When it came to the cake Joshua was not sure what to do with it, he loved licking the homemade icing off of the top of the cake but never really got into smashing it!