Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Josh had a great time trick or treating this year with his Opa, Nona, Bogey and Kia, he definitely got into it more than he did last year, the neighbours seemed to love hearing him say "trick or treat" and "Happy Hallowe'en" as much as he loved saying it!

We had some cute trick or treaters this year, I would say we only got about 20 though. I always thought since we live in a very family oriented neighbourhood we would have lots of kids but that has never been the case. We don't let Josh have much in terms of candy but we decided to give him a couple of boxes of smarties on Saturday night while we handed out candy to the other kids and he was WIRED. Makes me glad we don't let him have it often, we have since hidden the rest of his candy. While reading through some of my favourite blogs, I found a post about the Great Pumpkin, Essentially you let your kids leave their candy outside for the Great Pumpkin and he will leave you a suprise for the next morning. I think we are going to do that next year so that I don't feel so guilty about "stealing his candy".

Happy Halloween from our favourite little Monkey and his favourite little banana!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just a lazy Tuesday!

First Smiles...

... caught on camera!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Month with Two Kids

I have been dealing with two kids for a month now, and to be perfectly honest I am exhausted. Last week we were all hit with bad colds, it started with Joshua, then spread to Chris and I and hit Abigail last. I won't lie it was hard having all of us sick and still getting up for nightly feedings/fussiness with Abigail and getting up with Joshua who was only waking because he wasn't feeling well.

I think Joshua is having a hard time adjusting to not being an only child and not being the centre of my attention. He is acting out by hitting, biting, kicking, and throwing things. I really need to get Joshua into an activity that is all for him, I have been considering gymnastics but I fear that I have missed the start of this session, hopefully another one starts shortly. I was considering preschool but I don't think he is ready yet, nor is he potty trained.

I am finding it really hard to get stuff done, from the mountains of laundry that two children make and keeping the house clean I just don't seem to get a break. I am also trying to give Chris as much time as possible to study since he is in school, which usually means getting out of the house, which again is another task that is difficult. While Abby is content to sleep where ever we go Joshua wants to run wild which means I am chasing after him. Thankfully my Mother In Law has been helping with these outings when she can on the weekends and thankfully Chris is almost done school, but then he is back at work and working long hours again!

Anyways, that is how my life is right now, I am sure it will improve soon!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

One Month

Abigail is One Month old, time is going far too quickly!

Abby is doing wonderfully, she is starting to develop more consistent sleep/wakeful periods. Her night sleeping wasn't going well, she was waking frequently and the only time I could get any sleep was if she was tucked into our bed next to me. She would have a great sleep, I would not.

Abby is very strong, much stronger than we remember her brother ever being at this age. She has very good neck control and has already rolled over a number of times. The other day I had her propped up on her Boppy pillow and under her activity mat and I could see her looking at the toys hanging above her, and she swung her arms and hit them, I am pretty sure that was uncontrolled though!