Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eleven Months

Joshua turned 11 months yesterday, he continues to be such a wonderfully happy baby. At this point he still has no interest in walking since he can get everywhere he needs to by crawling. I have tried tempting him to grab things that are just out his reach, but instead of taking a tiny step he gets down, crawls to me, stands up and grabs the object. He almost seems afraid to stand on his own sometimes. His favourite things seem to be climbing the stairs, dropping his ball into his Leap Frog table, and throwing things and chasing after them (some items he likes to throw are balls, drum sticks, and empty containers). He finally is showing an interest in books, for the last few months he would not let me show him a book, he doesn't like me reading to him but he does like sitting down and looking at the pictures on his own. I figure it's a start and if he lets me I point at the pictures and say hat they are.

Baby proofing is in full swing in our house. Our main floor is becoming a bit of a prison, we have a baby gate blocking the stairs and a baby gate blocking the front entrance (keeping him out of the cat food).

I have recently found a dayhome that is just down the street, we also have him registered in a daycare, but we like the idea of a dayhome, at least when he is younger. He will start going to daycare at the beginning of Febraury, I will take a few times a week for a few hours at a time to see how he does. When I originally took to see the home he was really happy and he loved the lady who will be taking care of him, so much so that he didn't want to come back to me when we were leaving. It is very hard thinking about leaving your child in someone else's care, but it is something that I need to get used to, and quickly since I go back to work on February 25th.

Pictures to come soon!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Oilers Fan

Today we decided to brave the crowds and stand in line to get some autographs for Joshua's jersey. There were different spots set up around West Edmonton Mall today with different members of the Edmonton Oilers signing autographs today. I normally don't get caught up with autographs but we thought it would really cool to get Joshua's itty bitty jersey signed. We decided to stand in line for Sam Gagner and Steve Staios' autographs. We were suprised that the line moved as quickly as it did and that Joshua was in a great mood the entire time.
"Give me that camera"
Sam Gagne
Fernando Pisani (Fernando!!!)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

These shoes are made for walking

Joshua got his first pair of walking shoes for Christmas (thanks Great Grandpa). I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what he would need and I quickly realized that Alberta is missing one very important children's shop, Kiddie Kobbler, this chain is all over Ontario but no where else really. In Alberta there are no real children's shoe stores which made finding a good fair of first shoes quite a challenge. As luck would have it we were walking through West Edmonton Mall before Christmas and came a cross and store called GEOX. I had heard of this brand before when I was in a Kiddie Kobbler in Ontario so I stopped in and was delighted to find a fairly good selection of children's shoes. So we got a pair of cute brown one's that had velcro on them, only to realize that his foot were far to narrow for velcro so we went back and exchanged them for a pair that lace up. The new ones are a much better fit and stay on his feet very well.

More Christmas Celebrations!

To finish off our Christmas posts!

On Christmas afternoon we went out to my Aunt and Uncle's house and celebrated with about 20 other relatives, it was a great time. Unfortunately we missed the wagon ride with everyone, but Joshua got his very own Daddy drawn sled ride (thanks Opa and Nona). Later on Joshua enjoyed spending time with relatives and had a great time laughing with Auntie Meaghan and Marc!

43 days to go, I am so not ready for this.

I can't believe it, in 43 days my wee boy turns One. When I think to much about it I become overwhelmed with everything from happiness to sadnees that he growing up so quickly and soon I will be returning to work I won't get to see him every day.

I am trying to decide how carried away to get with his birthday I see some people going all out and I think why bother he won't remember, but the other part of me wants to do it ALL; minus the clown of course, but maybe a petting zoo ;). So what is a happy medium that both Chris and I can agree on? Tough question, but I suppose I should start thinking about it soon. One thing is for sure, there will be cake smashing!

Monday, January 7, 2008

10 Months

Well Joshua's 10 month milestone has come and gone and I completely missed posting about it. Unfortunately it was the same day that we got into a car accident, we are all fine, so I was without a car for 2 weeks and didn't get Joshua to the Well Baby Clinic to get weighed so I have no idea how much he weighs right now.

He is crawling everywhere now and getting into everything, sure makes it more difficult to get things done. He has also started climbing the stairs and will go all the way to the top if I let. In the beginning it was great because he couldn't figure out how to climb the step from the living room to the kitchen dining room so it was like he was in a giant playpen, unfortunately that didn't last long! He loves crawling over the the big windows in the living room and staring out the windows, especially when we had someone working on our garage!

I am happy to report that Joshua is sleeping through the night (in his crib) again, it took a while to get back to this point, but it has been great to sleep again. His daytime naps are a bit out of wack, but I am more than willing to live with that if it means that I can sleep through the night.

He continues to amaze us everyday and its hard to believe he is 10 months old already.

Happy New Year

OK so I am a bit late with my New Years post!

Joshua had a quiet evening at home sleeping while Grandma looked after him and Chris and I got to spend a quient evening with friends, it was a great night but I was sure exhausted the next day from being up so late and having to get up so early to take care of Joshua!

I have decided to make some resolutions this year, in the past I have not really made any so I this is essentially my first shot at it.

1. Make sure I update the blog more often than I am, my goal is at least 3 time a week!
2. Get back in to exercising!
3. Get my house into tip-top shape before I go back to work!
4. Read more!
5. Keep in better touch with my friends!

I hope that everyone has a very happy and healthy 2008!