Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Morning

We had a lovely Chrismas Morning, Grandma, Auntie Sarah and Auntie Emma came over to open presents at our house. It was the first time we have ever opened presents in our own how and the first time we have really had any presents under our tree. Joshua was fascinated by all the presents that appeared under the tree while he was asleep and attempted to climb the mountain.
We all received wonderful gifts, Joshua got lots of toys and clothes.

Christmas Eve I

I am little behind so here I go.

The holiday's were wonderful for us! Christmas Eve we went to Mass, we went much earlier than in previous years to accomodate Joshua's bedtime. Joshua was very good through the entire mass, mainly because he fell asleep on Auntie Sarah.

After Mass we came home and got Joshua ready for bed and he opened up his Christmas pjs from us, this is a tradition that I wanted start and then he got ready for bed and Chris, Angela, Sarah, Emma and I had nice evening in with lots of food.

Some Early Christmas Presents

On the Saturday before Christmas Opa and Nona came to drop off some presents for Joshua, since i figured he would have more than enough to open on Christmas morning we opened a few together.

It was a lot of fun, Joshua got his very first ride on Digger and a new pair of Edmonton Oilers pajamas, since he outgrew his first pair a long time ago.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Finally Crawling

What an exciting morning we have had today, Joshua has finally started crawling, it is still a bit slow and a bit shakey, but he has finally progressed from his thrusting movements. For a month and a half now he has been fairly mobile, but this movement involved him thrusting around the house, getting up on his hands and knees rocking back and forth and shooting himself forward, he was not understanding that he needed to use his arms, until this morning. He also started being able to sit himself up on his own and he has started to climb me. I know not all babies learn to crawl and "apparently" the norm for sitting up on their own was 11 months but I was getting a bit anxious for him to meet these milestones. He has also started climbing the step from the living room to the kitchen/dining room so he can get all over our main floor. Good thing we moved our playpen on to the mainfloor, otherwise I don't know how I would get anything done.

Friday, December 7, 2007


Meet the newest addition to our family, Waldo. We picked him up for the Edmonton Humane Society a week ago. He is 3 months old and is a wonderful kitten so far. Joshua loves watching and Scott, the bunny, has been enjoying putting him in his place!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Family Pictures


Here is a one of the photos from our family photo shoot that we had on the weekend, more to come soon.

Monday, November 26, 2007

9 Months Old

So I am a bit behind on this since he turned Nine Months last Thursday. I still can't believe how quickly the time goes when you have a little one.

Except for the last couple of weeks things have continued to be great, unfortunately our family has been hit with a couple of colds, but we all seem to be on the mend. Luckily the worst that Joshua got was a runny nose.

Sleeping has become and ever increasing problem, that I am working hard on rectifying. He has gone from sleeping through the night to now wanting to sleep next to us all night, yes I broke down and started bringing him in to bed with us, so now I am trying to get him to stay in his crib for the entire night and hopefully get him back to sleeping through the night. I have dubbed this "Baby Boot Camp" and we are currently on Day 4. He has spent the last two nights in his crib but is waking quite frequently. When he was sleeping in our bed he took to nursing frequently, at least every two hours, so I am also trying to get him back to only nursing two times per night instead. I think it is going to be a long process but it is definitely necessary.
Despite Chris and I being sure he was going to take off crawling as soon as he learned to rock, he still has yet to do it. He now rocks and pushes up high on his toes in a reverse v shape, but still no crawling. I am sure once we get the Christmas Tree up this weekend he will have the motivation he needed to start.

Mmmm Blueberries

Since Joshua continues to show a lack of interest in anything that I feed him on a spoon I am continuing to find new things for him to it in non-pureed form. This morning I gave him some whole blueberries, they were nice and soft so he munched them down quite easily.

Among his favourite things to eat on his own now are:

  • bananas

  • egg yolks

  • cheese

  • shredded chicken

  • cottage cheese (so messy though)

  • carrot (cooked of course)

  • Cheerios

  • Puffs

  • Baby Mum mum rice rusks

I am still battling to get him to eat his cereals so if anyone has any suggestions please share!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Adventures in Self Feeding

Over the last month I have been introducing Joshua to the idea of feeding himself, like most babies it took him a bit of time to figure things out but now it seems to be his preferred way of eating.

I took this video of Joshua the first time I gave him a piece of banana.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I have been a bad blogger!

Sorry things have been a bit busy lately but I promise to post some new pics and some updates in the next few days!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cluck, Cluck

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Adventures in Learning to Crawl

No Joshua isn't crawling yet, but he seems to be getting closer every day. He started by being able to hold himself up if I put him on his hands and knees then in the last few days he has been able to get himself into the crawling position and then pushes himself up on his toes, actually, he pushes himself up on his big toe! He still only manages to go backwards but its start. The other day he moved all the way from the middle of the living room and ended up getting stuck in between our two sofas, which is when I had to pull him out so he could start all over again. Watch him go (backwards)!

Monday, October 22, 2007

8 Months

Apparently I still haven't figured out how to stop time, or at least slow it down a little. Joshua is already 8 months old. When I came to the realization that he was eight months old I though, I must have skipped a month, nope he actually is 8 months.

Eight months into this parenting thing and I can honestly say he is a great baby, besides the last few days since he has been teething. I love interacting with him and watching him learn new things.

The introduction of new foods continues to go well, however he has already proved that he doesn't like certain things. The main thing that he refuses to eat is his cereal mixed with water, I normally mix it with breast milk but if I don't have any pumped than I have tried mixing it with water and he gags and coughs and refuses to take more, I have even tried mixing it with fruit and still no luck. Recently I have started giving him chunks of food and letting him feed himself. So far he has tried steamed squash, steamed sweet potatoes, and banana on his own. He really doesn't get any of it in his mouth but he seems to really enjoying trying.

He is starting to play with his toys more and more, his newest thing is throwing his toys, at this point they don't go very far but I am sure with time that will change.

He is still not crawling yet and seems to get very irritated if he wants something that is just slightly out of his reach. In a way I am looking forward to his the independance that comes with crawling yet concerned that he will constantly be on the go once he does start crawling.

Pictures to come soon!

Beware He May Bite

After returning home on Ottawa Chris made sure to check if Joshua had broken his first tooth, nothing was there. Later that night after I was wiping his face I noticed that he had something on his gums so I went to wipe it away and to my suprise it was a tooth. I couldn't believe that it had popped up so quickly. I think he is getting ready to sprout another one because he has been quite difficult the last few days and is waking even more frequently than he was before.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I nice quiet day on the whole today, Joshua treated me by having a one hour nap this morning and a two hour nap this afternoon. It was nice and I enjoyed the free time. Later in the day Christine, Joshua and I headed out to Place d'Orleans to shop for Christina's Christmas and Birthday present, I figured I might as well get something she likes since I am here.
Joshua was so happy after his long nap that he wanted to make his Daddy proud by checking out the weekly flyer specials!