Thursday, February 8, 2007

Baby Shower

This Sunday my friends Corinna and Megan hosted a Baby Shower for me and the baby! I had so much fun and it was really nice to get out of the house and spend some time with friends. It was the first time I had really gotten dressed up since being on bedrest so Chris insisted on taking some pictures (35 weeks 2 days)!

Corinna and Megan planned a fun game of The Price is Right, were there were three games played.

The first game there were 6 items layed on a table and the contestent had to place the correct price ontop of each item. My friend Kristine did a great job and I learned that I had no idea how much baby stuff cost!

For the second game the contestent had to indicate the correct price for a package of newborn diapers. The incorrect price was listed on a board with other numbers on top and you had to figure out which numbers moved down to create the correct price.

And for the last game the contestent was shown an item (a Burberry Rattle) and numbers were slid across an open box and the contestent had to stop the numbers when the showed the correct retail price.\

Oh, and we got to keep all of the items used in the game!

We were very lucky and we received many wonderful gifts for the baby such as a baby bath tub, a diaper genie and a diaper champ (we decided to keep both so we could have one on the main floor), a play mat, some clothes, and other very necessary baby items! My friend Corinna sells Arbonne products and she gave me the Arbonne baby line, I am really looking forward trying them on the baby, I have heard they are wonderful.

Maternity Pictures recently had some maternity pictures taken (32 Weeks, 4 days), they were done by my friend Claudine. She is very talented and I am so happy with how they turned out.

Click on the picture to see the others that were taken (these are quite artistic and were done with draped fabric etc.)

Happy Belated Birthday to me!!

Last Saturday was my 26th Birthday!

The night before Chris was talking to the baby and telling him that it was "mommy's birthday tomorrow, so be very good" and I had to had "make sure you move lots so mommy knows your OK". Well that was a huge mistake, he had what I think is his most active day yet, unfortunately with those movements came extreme pain. I am not sure what he was doing but it really hurt. I was describing it to my nurse a few days later and she was concerned that they were contractions, I am sure they were the baby moving around because I could actually feel him grinding away on my insides. OUCH.

Anyways, Chris took me out for a drive that afternoon I really enjoyed looking around at the city when the sun was out (I usually only see it at night right now). Later that evening we went out for dinner with Angela and Emma to the Moxie's that they just renovated down the street. Don't worry my small outing was okayed by the nurse!

Angela gave me a beautiful necklace that we saw we were were in Bakewell, England (Pride and Prejudice Country for you Jane Austin Fans). We were in a small fair trade shop and I fell in love with it and she offered to get it for me for my birthday, I have been anxiously waiting to wear it since!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Our baby has quite the library!

I really hope that the baby likes to read! Chris and I started collecting books early on for the baby, we purchased some of our favourites for him. Over the last several months we have been receiving books from different family members and I must say, he has quite the collection.

1. Dr Suess Treasury Collection (contains 13 stories)
2. Robert Munsch Treasury Collection (contains 16+ stories)
3. Love you Forever
4. The Elephant and that Bad Baby
5. Owl Babies
6. George and the Dragon
7. Slinky Malinki Open the Door
8. Oh Baby the Places You'll Go (specially for reading in untero)
9. I'm A Manatee
10. Zin! Zin! Zin! a Violin
11. The Story of Christmas
12. Are you my Mommy?
13. Richard Scarry's Best Moth Goose Ever

I think my favourite to read to him is the "Slinky Malinky Open the Door" because it cute and a sing-song type read. The baby's favourite seems to be the "Oh Baby the Places You'll Go", he moves around like crazy when I read to him.

I started reading to him quite early, in fact I am not sure if his ears had even deveoped, so hopefully he likes reading when he is older.

Thank you everyone who has sent us books, they are already being put to good use!

34 Week Update

I reached 34 weeks yesterday, I can't believe it. I have been on bedrest for four weeks now, at times it seems to be going to quickly and other times seems to be going by slowly. I was given the green light by the nurse a few days ago that I could make dinner again, so hopefully that helps Chris out, he still doing all of the cleaning and getting ready for the baby.

Today I also got a call from the Antenatal program that they have spoken to my doctor and they are going to drop me down to 3 visits a week instead of everyday. This means that things are going well, but I am kind of sad at the same time because they really helped to break up my day.

The baby is doing wonderfully and seems to have changed positions, he is still head down but I am not sure if he turned around our what because my belly completely changed shape overnight. The nurse thinks he may have just moved further down into the birthing position, I plan to ask my doctor today at my appointment.

At my last doctor's appointment my doctor said that I would likely be coming off of bidirectional at 36 weeks so only 2 weeks to go, I am practically counting down the days. Once off of bidirectional I will be able to resume a somewhat normal life again, minus working of course. I have been creating mad lists of things that we need to get or things that we need to get done and I am looking forward to being able to completing some of them on my own and given Chris a break.