Thursday, May 1, 2008

On the mend?!

The last few weeks have been rough in our household, with the last week being the worst yet. It started off with Joshua and I both getting sick and ending up with sinus infections. After waiting in a MediCentre for 2 hours we were each given a prescription of Amoxicilyn (to be taken three time a day for 10 days). We both seemed to be doing much better, with only a bit of a cough. Last week we had noticed Joshua's cough getting a bit worse but nothing to bad.

On Friday night I went into Joshua's room at about 10:00 to put him in his sleep sack since it was supposed to be getting cooler over night. He woke a bit so I sat in the glider and was rocking back to sleep, he had a bit of a cough and proceeded to vomit all over me and himself. Chris and I got both of us cleaned up and put Joshua back to bed, a few minutes later it started all over again and continued until about 12:00 at night, so one phone call to Capital Health Link, one trip to the Pharmacy for Paedialite, and many changes of clothes we finally got to sleep at about 1:00. We decided to have Joshua sleep in his playpen in our room just in case.

We took Joshua the doctor on Sunday morning since things weren't looking better and she said we just needed to wait it out. The weekend continued to be rough with Sunday being the worst, he was feverish, clingy and tired the entire day. Sunday night was much better and Monday he seemed to be doing great, on Tuesday he seemed to refress a bit so by Tuesday evening I had enough and took him back to the MediCentre, this time to one with a much shorter wait time. Within 30 minutes of arriving we were out the door. Joshua has his first ear infection, he is still coughing quite a bit but is finally able to keep everything down, he was back to eating on Monday but still had an intolerance for milk until just last night (Wednesday).

Our fingers are crossed that he can kick this bug, we hate seeing our sweet little man sick!