Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Summer Vacation! Part 1

Our Summer Vacation this year was a trip to BC for Chris' cousin's wedding. I also had the opportunity to shoot Wedding Photo's for the first time and I really enjoyed it!

Long time no post

Ha Ha, that could possibly be my most common post title.

Life as a working mom of two keeps me busier than I ever thought possible, throw in the fact that I am also back at school working towards a Certificate in Event Management, means I have very little time for laundry, never mind blogging.

Anyways, the kids are AMAZING, I adore all of my time with them. Abby is walking ALL. OF. THE. TIME. I always joke that she just walks for the sake of walking, she doesn't need a purpose as long as she is walking she is happy! Chris and I describe her as our Princess, she nows what she wants and how to get it and if you refuse a temper tantrum is sure to follow. Seriously, my 13 month old has tempur tantrums!

Josh is now three and a half and if you ask how old he is he will say three and a half. Is latest phase is asking questions about everything. We are passed the Why-a phase and now asks why is it snowing, why does Abby cry, why this, why that. It's like living with the Riddler! He is very energetic and has quite the imagination. Right now he loves to make up words that have no meaning but he thinks they are hilarious. He loves his sister so much and he is very protective of her.

So things are trucking along, the next few posts will be pictures only, but will capture important and fun moments over the last few months.