Friday, February 22, 2008

A few more notable activities!

I few things I forgot to mention in the previous post.

Joshua claps for everything now, if he even thinks you are going to clap he will clap too! If you put your hand up and say "high five" he puts his hand on your hand and laughs!

He has started blowing kisses, if I blow him a kiss, he blows me one back too, although he more sucks his lips in than blowing the kisses out, but I know what he is trying to do and it puts a smile on my face everytime!

At mealtime I have started to put Joshua's food on his tray along with his drink in his sippy cup, previously he would eat his food but only take his cup if I offered it to him. Today I noticed that he will eat a bit of food and then pick up his sippy cup and have a drink, put it down, eat some more and go back for another drink.

Happy 1st Birthday to My Sweet Boy

The day has come, Joshua is now one! I thought I would be much more emotional about today than I am.

The last week has been rather rough since Joshua has had a bad cold, Chris hurt his back and then I got sick. Chris' back is much better than it was and now Joshua and I seem to be feeling much better, we need to be better by Sunday for his birthday party!

I took Joshua for his one year appointment with his new doctor and they said he is doing very well. He weights 21 lb 6 oz (exactly the same as 11 months) and he is 29 inches long. The doctor did comment that he had a big head, 18 inches, but that he wasn't concerned about it, kind of made me what how big is too big?

I have been trying to encourage Joshua to walk or at least stand on his own but he has no interest in it, why when he can get everywhere he wants to by crawling. I will stand him up and as soon as I try and release his fingers he sits down, doesn't fall he immediatly sits on his bum. He will walk if I hold his hands and he will walk along the walls and the furniture, he just won't let go.

He continues to sleep well, although not while he is sick, he averages about 12 - 13 hours a night, which the doctor said I should be openly bragging about, and he has one to two naps a day. He seems to nap very well at the dayhome in the afternoon, usually around two to three hours.

He loves to eat, and will eat just about everything that is put in front of him, especially if he gets to feed himself. His favourites are cheese, bananas, toast, steamed sweet potatoe fries, peaches and mandarine oranges. I have also given his grilled cheese sandwiches and he loves those.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

O Canada

Today marks the last day of my Maternity Leave, I have really appreciated being a Canadian during this time, it has enabled me to be able to stay home and enjoy my time with Joshua for an entire year! Joshua starts full-time in daycare at the beginning of March, but we have been taking him for a few hours most days so that he can get used to it. The first few days were rough but now he is a champ and when I drop him off with Janice I pass him over, he gives me a grunt and I leave. When I pick him up he is so happy, arms flapping, legs wiggling, I love it!

I return to work on Monday, and I am trying to be as positive as I can, I love the adult interaction and the people I work with are amazing, I will miss those who have left while I have been gone though!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New and Wonderful Pictures?

I got a new camera (Canon Rebel XT) for my birthday along with a fabulous telephoto lens, I am so excited! Hopefully this will encourage me to get back to posting more pics since my "old" camera had a bit of accident so now the only way I get pictures off of it is by inserting the memory card into the computer and it was a bit of a hastle because I currently have my work computer set up so I had to do a lot of switching around just to post some pics!

Celebrating Mum's Birthday

I celebrated my birthday this past weekend. On Saturday we had a great dinner with Chris' family at Japanese Village (YUMMY)! I was unsure if I was up to the challenge of bringing Joshua out with us, and to be honest I was looking forward to an evening out on our own, but we decided to bring him along with us, and was I ever happy that we did. We sat in the area where they prepare your meal on the grill in front of you and Joshua was fascinated by the entire process!

Wild and Wonderful Web Video's

We spent some time with Joshua and the video camera on Wednesday night and captured some of his favourite activities.

Peek A Boo!

How Many Times will Daddy Pick up the Ball for Me!

More Fun with Balls!

As you can tell, Joshua loves playing with balls, he could play indepentaly with a ball for quite a while. He loves to pick them up, throw them and chase after them. What is even more fun is playing soccer with Chris and I!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pics from Today

Here are some pictures of Joshua today!

This is Joshua demonstrating his new crawl style. I think that the hard floor hurts his knees.

Enjoying lunch time!