Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Playtime with Daddy

Last night Joshua spent some quality time playing with Daddy, I love watching them interact together!

Another Visitor

From July 10 - 25 we had a very special visitor, my sister came out for her annual visit. It was a great opportunity for her to get to meet Joshua and it was so nice to have the opportunity to be home with her this summer. She was so great with Joshua, she even let me escape on my own a few times so that I could run some errands, including getting a hair cut! We had a great visit, but we were all very sad to see her go!

7, 7, 7, and 7

On July 7th, Chris and I celebrated our 7 year dating anniversary, what a wonderful 7 years it has been. We celebrated by going for dinner and a movie, it was the first time we had gone out alone together since Joshua was born and it was nice, but I sure did miss him. I had a nice picture (self portrait) of Chris and I, since we don't have many, but it appears someone has deleted it (hmm, I wonder who???).

Friday, July 20, 2007

Enjoying the Park

We have introduced Joshua to the wonderful world of the great outdoors. Unfortunately we don't have any grass at our house yet so we haven't been able to really sit outside and enjoy the nice weater, so I took him to the park area down the street for his first experience, the next day we took a family trip to one of the beautiful parks in St. Albert, right where Chris and I got engaged and where our engagement photos were taken.

Some older pictures

My Nana sent some pictures out from her visit back in April (conveniently around when we were moving). There were some nice ones so i wanted to make sure that I included them.

Modelling his new outfit and new swim trunks (they fit him much better now) from Nana and Great Grandpa Bill.

Modelling his new outfit that Daddy's co-worker brought back from Las Vegas.

First smile caught on camera!

With Nana before the baptism,

After the baptism, he is still upset, he probably doesn't understand why he is wearing a dress!