Thursday, November 13, 2008

I have completed my quest

Since Joshua has started on sippy cups I have been on the quest for perfect sippy. I have tried so many different styles, looking for one that wouldn't leak. Then add to that one that is BPA free, I was beginning to think that I was never going to find my answer. At a birthday party where there were plenty of kids in attendance I noticed some kids had a Thermos brand sippy cup, the Foogo, and they seemed quite durable and didn't leak. I was however a bit put off by the price, $20.00 for a cup, was just something I was willing to try. However, after cleaning up multiple messes, and then seeing the Thermos Foogo at the store for less than $20.00 I decided to take the plunge and brought one home, and there have been NO LEAKS. Words cannot express how happy this makes me! Now I want to get a couple more and get rid of the other sippy cups that leak, minus the Sigg that we love for travelling with of course!

A Lion, A Turtle, A Cow Oh My!

We met up with our friends from our weekly play group for Halloween, it was so fun to see everyone again and the kids are so big and have changed so much. They also looked absolutely adorable all dressed up and running around.

A pint-sized visitor

A few days before Halloween, we got a visit from my friend Corinna and her adorable baby boy Cameron. We only had a quick visit, but it was great to see them and see how big Cameron has gotten. He is suck a happy simely baby!

Going to the Zoo

We went to the Edmonton Zoo waaaay back in September, for their Free Family Fun Day, I will say that after being at some of the bigger zoos, this one left alot to be desired, but it was still fun to take Joshua! Unfortunately the battery on my camera died part way through so we didn't get a lot of pictures that we would have liked to!

Ready for Fall!


For Thanksgiving this year we went out to visit Opa and Nona, I took an opportunity to take some pictures of Joshua in their yard!