Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yard Work

We have been anxiously awaiting for our builders to finish the rough grade and gain approval as well as finish the front landscaping at our house, it has been over a year and they "apparently" forgot about us. Because of this poor Josh has not had a yard to play in. Well we have finally gotten approval and the dirt is fairly flat so we took Josh outside to play with his new digger from Opa and Nona. He had so much fun pushing on the buttons and making it move.

More Farm Fun!

We took Josh back out to my Aunt and Uncle's Farm and tried re-introducing him to the horses and donkeys! This was probably his best trip to date. He loved seeing the animals and even got a kiss from Lucy! He also had a great time playing with Bogey, he was fascinated everytime she caught the ball in her mouth!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Dit U

We think Joshua has said, or is trying to say, his first phrase. When ever wepass him something or he passes us something, we pick him up or put him down, he responds with a sweet little "dit u", which we are now assuming means thank you in Josh talk!! He also of course says mum, mooom (when he is sad), Dad, and Dadda, and Baa for his night time bottle! I think he might be working on some other words but he hasn't yet figured out to express them properly!