Tuesday, July 22, 2008

17 Months

Our little bald man is already 17 months, how did that happen?

Joshua seems to be doing well, he had yet another ear infection a couple of weeks ago and was but on yet another dose of antibiotics. This time however he had to be taken off early because he developed hives all over his body. We are not sure if the reaction was from the medication or from something he had eaten. He had eaten quite a few strawberries the few days leading up to the rash, he has had strawberries before with no problem so we are a bit confused. Either way, we took him of the antibiotics, as direction by the doctor, and have not given him strawberries since. The poor guy looked as if he had fallen down a couple of flights of stairs because each spot that he had a hive eventually turned into a bruise.

Speaking of ear infections, we finally have an appointment with a Paediatric Ear Nose and Throat Specialist on August 28th, coincidentally the same day I scheduled his 18 month immunizations for.

Joshua is understanding more and more everyday, he follows requests well, when he wants too of course, other times he looks and you and smirks and walks away. He is still not using very many real words yet, which I attribute to his many ear infections, but he is babbling more than ever. Our house is filled with the beautiful sounds of a little boy babbling to us!

Joshua is getting closer to have a full set of chompers, he already has 12 teeth, 4 teeth on the top and the bottom and a molar on each side. I think more are on their way!

It is now more difficult to go places than it was before, he hates being restrained in his carseat or stroller, when we are out walking around he wants to walk around and explore also!

He is eating everything in sight, and he is growing like a weed, I haven't taken him to the clinic to be weighed for a long time, but Chris had him weighed when he developed hives and he was 24lbs. Another thing I attribute to his ear infections, he wouldn't want to eat because his antibiotics upset his stomach so he ate very little for a while.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Great idea

I came across this on one of the blogs that I read and I think it is such a great idea, I will have to try it.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Seattle Space Needle

The Space Needle was an really wonderful to go and see, the only down part of it is that stollers must be parked in the stroller parking lot and are not permitted at the top. This wouldn't have been so bad had Joshua been younger, but having a very independent toddler who wants to see the world on his own terms, it was definintely difficult. We ended up taking turns with the camera, one would take the baby the other the camera. Unforunately we weren't able to stay up there for long but the few was great while we could enjoy it.

Can you see our car? (It's the white one on the right)

Walking in the Rain

While we were in Seattle we finally got Joshua some rubber boots at Carters. I was sure that now that he finally had rubber boots it wouldn't rain until he had outgrown them. Joshua also has some pretty cute rain gear to go with his boots, his cute rain coat from his great aunt and uncle and a Togg's rain suit (straight from the rain experts in Scotland) from his Auntie Sarah!


We had a great time in Seattle, besides some difficult flights, our trip was wonderful.

Joshua's first flight left much to be desired, considering how much travel time he has logged I was suprised at how difficult the first flight was (Edmonton to Vancouver), we then took a small Dash 8 from Vancouver to Seattle and he did much better in fact the sound of the perpellers seemed to have put him into a deep sleep.

We then headed to our hotel, we stayed in a small Days Inn just South of Seattle, I honestly hadn't set my sights all that high with this hotel but we were all pleasantly suprised that it was a pretty decent place to stay. Our only complaint was that they there wasn't a crib as we had requested, so the first few nights Joshua slept with us and then after that he slept in his stroller since he trashes around so violently when he sleeps.

We were able to check out many of the beautiful sites that Seattle has to offer, the Space Needle, the Seattle Aquarium, Pike Place Market, the very first Starbucks, and beautiful park on Green Lake, and of course the outlet malls.