Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I can't believe that I did this...

I actually took a picture of my belly. Oh and for the records, the white sticking our from under my t-shirt is my bella band (used to hold up my pants) because I am too big for my normal pants, but these pants are just a little loose still. These are the only pants that I need to wear the bella band with any more.

It isn't the greatest quality of picture so I promise a better one in a couple of weeks.

14 Weeks and 3 Days!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Woo Hoo

The Ballards are doing the happy dance.

Today I am 14 week and 2 days, we have officially reached the Second Trimester. It feels so great to finally be able to say that. Ok so I actually reached the second trimester on Sunday, but both Chris and I were in a wedding on Saturday and I was too tired to really care.

My stomach is growing more rapidly than I would like although my weight gain has been slow, which is great. I would like to try and take a picture, but my camera was sent in for repairs (for the second time). I also have also developed this lovely urge to go to the bathroom 24 hours a day (sorry if too much information).

According to my pregnancy book the baby is about the size of a soft ball or a large navel orange.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

That will teach us

Well Chris and I decided that since we have heard it can sometimes take a while to have furniture/bedding delivered we would get cracking on it after seeing the baby's heartbeat. I ordered our crib (which we got through Airmiles by the way) and our bedding and Baby Bjorn (carrier) on line and the site indicated that it would be 6 weeks for the delivery for the crib and 6 weeks for delivery of the bedding. Sounded good, that would be me at approximately 18 weeks pregnant so right around when I would want to start collecting stuff.

Well on Monday our Baby Bjorn arrived, but came via Fed Ex who only deliver during the day, so Chris and I took the long journey to the other side of the city to pick it up at their warehouse.

Last night I get home and I have a notice in my door from a courier saying that have a package that weighs 109lbs that they would like to deliver, but they only deliver until 3:00 on weekdays.

Today I check my email and the bedding is on the truck to be delivered today(of course we won't be home, although I am going to try and get it re-routed).

So tomorrow I am having a 109lb box delivered to my office so they don't return it and Chris has to pick up his mum's SUV because it won't fit in our car and some of my co-workers are going to be kind of enough to take it downstairs and load it into the car. Oh the reason I can't help is my doctor wants me taking it easy after having some spotting on the weekend, so no extrenuous activity for me (I definelty think hauling a 109lb box around would be strenuous).

Anyway, here are some pictures of our latest purchases.

Our Crib, definately would have gotten a simpler one if we need to pay for it, but since we aren't likely to take any trip in the near future we got this instead.

The bedding, I fell in love with this, as soon as I saw it and turned up my nose at everything else that I saw. I love how neutral it is.
The Baby Bjorn, this product has quite a few awards, and from what I have heard it is one of the best ones available. Of course because I am who I am am I had it out of the box and on within minutes of walking in the door. Oh and of course I forced Chris to try it on too, I think it suites him! The bonus of this style is the extra back support, which I think with be great for Chris.