Friday, June 26, 2009

26 Weeks 3 Days

Ok one last post, here is a picture of the bump at 26 weeks 3 days, I am much larger now!

Blame the Carpel Tunnel

I will be taking a short break from the already pathetic blogging that I have been doing. The reason, I have been experiencing numbness in my forearms and fingers lately and my OB has diagnosed me with Carpel Tunnel this week and said that if it doesn't improve that he will have to take me off of work in three weeks (after my next appointment) for fear of loosing complete mobility in my hands for the remainder of my pregnancy. This is a fairly common side effect of pregnancy and is due to the additional swelling that I have been experiencing thanks to the additional heat which I didn't have when I was pregnant with Joshua. I stopped wearing my wedding rings a few weeks ago and even noticed earlier this week that my "substitute" ring was feeling snug so I stopped wearing it. The good news is that it is only temporary and everything will go back to normal a few weeks post birth. So for now I am going to be limiting my personal time on the computer as I spend most of my work day typing away.

I will try and bribe Chris into updating some pictures, heck anything is better than what I have been maintaining, and if your really "lucky" I might even share a picture of my ginormous bump!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

27 Weeks 3 Days

Here is Baby Girl at my most recent ultrasound. She was incedibly difficult and made it hard the techs to get the measurements they needed, but she was yawning and sucking on her fingers a lot so that was pretty cute!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Baby No More

Joshua is currently sleeping for the first time in his big boy bed. Chris and I set up his Big Boy Bed today and he is peacefully sleeping. It took a bit of extra time to get him to settle but he is sleepiung peacefully. We still have a lot of work to do to finish his room so for now, just some pictures of him sleeping soundly.

Friday, June 5, 2009

99 Days to Go!

Only 99 days to go until Baby Girl's due date!

He never forgets

Joshua makes us laugh on a daily basis, as I think most toddlers do with their parents!

A few weeks ago we were outside and Joshua fell and skinned his knee on the pavement, while he was figuring out how to react to the situation I was thinking of how to avoid a meltdown. I jumped into action and said "Yay Joshua you got your first Big Boy Owie!" He gave me a puzzled look and examed his scraped knee and said "owie mommy" but there were no tears. When we got home we cleaned the scrape and put a bandaid on his knee. He wore the bandaid proudly and didn't try to take it off.

However for the rest of the week, we removed the bandaid after one day, he reminded us regularly for at least a week lifting up the leg of his pants/shorts to showing us his wound.