Sunday, August 16, 2009

36 Weeks

I have now reached the BIG goal that I had with my pregnancy with Joshua, this is the time that I was taken off of bedrest, it was such a great feeling and is again this time. Things appear to be going well, I had an ultrasound this week and Baby Girl is doing wonderful scored an 8/8 on her ultrasound and passed her Non-Stress Test which is as much as we can ask for. At my appointment on Tuesday they said that everything thing was sealed up tight, which was a bit disappointing but I suppose she is comfortable. At this point with J I was already effaced and 1.5 cm dialated. I have my actual 36 week appointment on Tuesday so we will see if things have changed. I am still having days when I feel great and others when I feel horrible but I suppose that is normal for this time point in time.